Anne de Kiev est-elle ukrainienne ?


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Une réflexion sur “Anne de Kiev est-elle ukrainienne ?

  • D. Moreau, if he is historian, displays an outrageous ignorance for the scientist who talks on the subject. It is obvious that his knowledge of the Eastern European history is very superficial and needs more research before he decides to speak in front of the camera. If the scientist allows his political favours to define and redefine the historical reality it only means that this person isn’t a scientist at all.
    Touching on the topic of the discussion, I would like to say that if Ukraine has to fight for her own historical heritage it is only because the moskovian arrogance once robbed it of its original name Rus! And if you think that the country that regained the independence after 800 years of occupation, doesn’t have any more rights to claim the heritage that it was deprived of and arrogantly denied, then Italy, that in 19th century reunited first after the fall of western Roman Empire to Germanic tribes in 5 th century, doesn’t have any right to claim the Roman heritage either. Just like Italian capital is now and then Rome, the capital of Ukraine is still Kyiv. So, to say that Ukraine has nothing to do with Kyiv Rus is to declare that you are either novice or profane in world history, or that you consciously play the political game using and manipulating the historical facts to your advantage. Neither of those should be the properties of the proffecional historian. It is a shame that pseudo historians like this monsieur Moreau are given the voice to speak to the public. This speech really cast a shadow on the quality of historical education and research in France.


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